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Regional Economic Development

Grow our regional economy! Coordinate area resources to promote long-term job growth, economic sustainability, and community preservation

  • Unify local communities to maximize resources and strengthen the tax base
  • Recruit targeted industries, retain local talent, and enhance regional quality of life
  • Nurture start up businesses by providing management assistance, marketing development, and administrative support in a certified incubator environment


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  • Incubator
    • Assists with marketing of new/emerging businesses
    • Provides viable space for start up businesses
    • Provides tax incentives for new businesses
    • Provides technology, utility, and administrative assistance
    • Provides hands-on management assistance
    • Nurtures entrepreneurs as they develop product and services
  • Stimulate economic development
  • Brings the focus to one coordinated location
  • Brings population
  • Preserves communities and enhances quality of life
    • Retains local talent in the local community
    • Offers opportunities comparable to urban communities
  • Strengthens tax base
  • Creates employment opportunities
  • Brings local communities together to solve regional challenges
    • Combines and capitalizes on resources
    • Develops existing businesses
    • Brings resources to this region
    • Levels the playing field for all communities involved
    • Shifts focus from retail to wealth development and value-added jobs