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Mar 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011, 5:30 pm
Wray Finney Building, in the Mustang Room
1415 North 7th Street, Fort Cobb, OK

1. Meeting Called to Order at______,.
2. Roll Call: Tackett_____, Perryman_____, Clay_______, Haley_____Shenold______
3. Introduction of Visitors

4. Instructional Leaders: Kem Crowell, Christi Smith, and David Darnell to give Reports & Updates
Asst. Superintendent: Wade Walling - presentation on March Character First

5. Superintendents Update: Staff Tuition Reimbursements
Summer Conference Aug 1 & 2, Tulsa
Strategic Plan Updated
Health Simulator Open House
Summer School
State Department - Technical Assistant Review April 4th & 5th
Mobile Training Lab for Surplus

6. Consent Agenda: Will be voted on as a whole unless any member would like to remove an item for individual consideration.
 February 14, 2010 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.
 Warrants and appropriations for FY2009-2010, warrants, encumbrances, and appropriations for FY2010-     2011 from reports dated February 14, 2010.
 Treasurer’s reports for bank statement dated February 14, 2011
 Activity Fund report for bank statement dated February 14, 2011.
 Transfer of $120,120.40 from the Activity Fund to the General Fund per resolution 70 O.S. Section 5-129.
 Transfer of attached list of Surplus for disposal through the online auction site Public

7. Discuss and review and vote to approve or not approve CKTC’s Social Networking policy.

8. Discuss and vote to approve or not approve the appointment of a board member to the OSSBA Legislative Liaison for 2011 Legislative cycle. Currently this is John Clay.

9. Discuss and vote to approve or not approve increase in CKTC child care fees.

10. New Business

11. Motion to Adjourn at ____pm

I, the undersigned Clerk of the Board of Education of Caddo Kiowa Technology Center, Caddo County, Oklahoma, Certify that prior to December 15, 2010. Notice of the date, time and place of this regular meeting was filed in the office of the County Clerk of Caddo County, Oklahoma. I also certify that as least 24 hours prior to this meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, notice of the date, time, place and agenda of this meeting was posted in prominent public view at the location of this meeting.
Witness my hand this 14th day of March, 2011.