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Business Development Center

What is it?

The Caddo Kiowa Business Development Center is an incubator for small, start-up businesses that are housed on campus at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. The incubator process helps emerging companies maximize their opportunity for success by providing office space and resources.

As Southwest Oklahoma’s newest Certified Business Development Center, the CKBDC’s goal is to attract, retain and grow businesses and jobs in the region and in the state.


Candidates must be passionate about their idea and have entrepreneurial capabilities. The business idea must be in a sector that is showing growth with the potential to reach significant revenue levels.

Candidates must be able to put their idea into a competitive, written business plan.

The venture must have the potential to create new jobs and must contribute to the economic growth of the region and of Oklahoma.

Recommendations are made by the Business Development Coordinator to the executive committee.

A typical stay in a Business Development Center Incubator is approximately three years.


  • Office and business space at below-market rates during the first two years
  • Tax incentives from the State of Oklahoma
  • Full-time coordinator and administrative support on-site
  • Shared conference rooms with full audio/visual capabilities
  • Access to professional services


  • On-Site Interview
  • Completed Application
  • Written Business Plan
  • Background Check
  • Recommendations
  • Presentation

247/7 Access

Businesses housed in the Business Development Center have 24/7 access.