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Business and Industry Services

Workforce Solutions

Take the lead! Develop key leadership, management, and training strategies for today’s evolving business environment
• Improves organizational teamwork, communication, time management, and customer service
• Enhances employee expertise, confidence, and professionalism
• Reinforces strong employee character through the use of solid business ethics

Work smarter! Take your employees to the next level by maximizing your office technology and human resources
• Stay competitive by expanding employee computer, office, and emerging technology skills
• Accomplish more by building upon your current employee and technology resources
• Increase overall efficiency, productivity, and professionalism

Train to gain! Develop a proficient workforce with the industry technical skills needed to achieve more
• Increase productivity, dependability, and efficiency by cross training within your current organization
• Manage change by developing the technical skills needed in today’s shifting marketplace
• Be more competitive through continuous improvement

Safety first! Create and maintain a compliant and safe working environment
• Reduce worker’s compensation costs while increasing employee quality of life
• Increase productivity by minimizing lost time injuries and accidents
• Raise employee morale by providing a safe and healthy work environment

Trained firefighters! Save lives and property efficiently while providing citizens with a safer community
• Increase firefighters’ safety, health, and morale
• Align department with available funding opportunities
• Save money by using and maintaining equipment properly

Grow Your Business! Save time and money by increasing control of financial and production opportunities
• Grow your bottom line by exploring cost effective alternative and value-added cost-production opportunities
• Accomplish more by reaping the benefits of ag-precision technologies
• Sustain and protect natural resources and the environment for future generations

•Develop a working knowledge of commercial vehicle operations, air brake systems, safety practices and DOT rules and regulations
• Experience instruction, range and road driving and practical application of skills used in highway driving
• Work side by side with professionals toward a Class A CDL.